Your window cleaning service at a glance

Right Cleaners uses window cleaning methods that not that many companies in Reading employ. The window cleaners don’t climb up ladders, for instance, to reach higher floors, but use a water-fed extension pole system with filtered and purified water only. The equipment effectively cleans the glass panels and the window frames and sills (PVC only), where they are left to dry completely streak-free. The purified water doesn’t leave any water mineral residue or chemicals, as no detergents are added to the tank. The use of extension poles means that your privacy remains intact and the technicians can do their job in the safest possible way.

If you wish to have your interior windows washed, as well, those are cleaned the traditional way, with scratchless squeegees. The cleaners will cover the floor with a protective sheet to prevent any splashes from ending up on your carpet. Please, ensure to remove any figurines and framed photos/pictures from the window sills before the cleaner arrives.

Top benefits of maintaining the shiny state of your windows

If you regularly have your windows cleaned by a professional, you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved property curb appeal to the envy of your neighbours
  • More natural light coming through the clear and dust-free glass
  • Extended life of your windows, once salt deposits and corrosive particles have been removed
  • Better chance to sell/rent your property if that’s been the plan

How often is best to clean your exterior windows will depend, of course, on the type of property you have (front shop windows vs. house windows), or its location (next to a busy road or in a leafy neighbourhood).

Book your window cleaning service now

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