Why our mattress cleaning service is the right choice

Right Cleaners will send a local fully qualified mattress cleaning technician to your property in Reading, any time of the week that suits you best, even on a public holiday. The professional will be equipped with a hot water extraction equipment that will sanitise effectively your mattress. Please, remove all bedding prior to the service.

Here’s how the service goes:

  • The bedpiece will be thoroughly vacuumed, first, so hard soling is removed (food crumbs, hairs, dust).
  • The cleaner will “steam-clean” the mattress, which will effectively eliminate staining, unpleasant odours, pet dander, dust mites and other microorganisms.
  • The hot-water extraction machine injects heated water, mixed with a mild detergent under high pressure.
  • The method leaves your bedpiece almost dry as nearly all the moisture is extracted in the process.
  • Still, allow some drying time (good few hours) before you actually snug in bed that evening.
  • Depending on the weather outside, either open the doors and windows, turn on a fan or the air con unit, or place a heater in the room, so your mattress dries out much faster.

It’s absolutely fine to book mattress cleaning together with our carpet cleaning service, if the same equipment is going to be used.

The benefits of regular mattress cleaning maintenance

We all change our bedding regularly, of course, but how often do we take care of the mattress? Well, research shows that your good night’s sleep seriously depends on how clean your bedpiece is, as well, not just your sheet. So, check below all the benefits you’ll get if you make sure that you sanitise your bed furnishing on a regular basis:

  • It improves the indoor air quality in your bedroom – You can imagine what happens with the fine dust during all that tossing and turning at night…
  • There’s less risk of having to deal with allergy triggers – Dust mites and pet dander are the main culprits behind sensitive reactions in susceptible-to-allergies folks.
  • Say goodbye to funny smells – Dried-up sweat, undetected pet accidents or accidental liquid spills, in time, produce strange odours that cannot be concealed by your fresh-washed sheet.
  • You’ll sleep like a baby – The quality of your sleep will be affected in a positive way if you rest at night on a clean bedpiece.
  • Your mattress will serve you for longer – It’s proven that regular mattress maintenance extends the life of your bed furnishing.

How to schedule your mattress cleaning service

It will take you just a minute or two to fill your details and requirements in the online booking form on this website. Alternatively, just pick up the phone and speak to one of our qualified call centre agents, who will help you with your request and any queries that you might have.