What can you expect from our regular domestic cleaning service?

We work with local maids and housekeepers in Reading, who have been background-checked, with regards to their credentials, skills, experience and reliability. This is an hourly service, which means that you can choose thе number of hours that will be sufficient for the cleaner to complete you priority house chores.

Here’s an example cleaning checklist that the professional can take care of, depending on the amount of time you have booked:

  • Clean the floors and carpets in every room with a vacuum cleaner, and mop the hard floors
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum upholstered furnishings
  • Dust furniture
  • Sanitise the kitchen and wipe clean your appliances
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet
  • Help with the laundry, ironing, etc.
  • Change the bedding
  • Clean the interior windows and frames
  • Feed your pet
  • Water the plants
  • Throw the rubbish
  • Do the dishes

Your housekeeper can even fetch your items from the Dry Cleaners if it’s close enough to your place.

Why choose Right Cleaners for your housekeeping needs

We are really flexible and can accommodate various special requirements to make your domestic cleaning service as personalised as possible. And that’s not all:

  • We’ll provide you with the same cleaner every time once you choose how often per week or per month you want them to come to your property.
  • If your housekeeper or maid is sick, we’ll ensure to assign a replacement cleaner so that your regular cleaning schedule doesn’t get disrupted.
  • If your regular session falls on a Bank holiday, don’t worry. Right Cleaners operates all week round, even on public holidays.
  • It’s up to you if you want the cleaner to use your favourite cleaning products and supplies or bring their own, subject to a small additional charge.

Please, note that the maid can do so much in the time available to complete the tasks. After all, the service is not designed to deep clean your property every time. Furthermore, it’s inappropriate to ask the housekeeper to mind your child, prepare meals or take care of elderly ill relatives.

Order your housekeeping service fast

Share your domestic cleaning needs with us by phoning us or by completing the online booking form, provided here. A friendly customer support agent will handle your request and assign the same cleaning professional to perform your regular cleaning appointments for a day and time that suits you, and as frequently as you wish.